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Posted by in Buck 110 news on Nov 05, 2014 .

Another original buck 110 by Garett Finney. This one I cast 2 center cut turritella shells into a blue resin with metal dust for shimmer effects.  Check it out!

Posted by in Buck 110 news on Aug 29, 2014 .

After having put Fossil Fish in a similar matrix in a buck 110, I figured doing the same thing with these Mosasaurus teeth would be a step in a similar direction. I was wrong. I felt more like an archeologist preparing this fossil matrix for installation on a buck 110 than I did a knife maker. Moving around the sand, repairing and adjusting the tooth is all part of the game with this job. It took quite a bit longer than I had expected but I almost felt like I was playing rather than working. That's part of the joy in creating a new one of a kind.

Posted by in Buck 110 news on Aug 16, 2014 .

Always looking for the next coolest thing to put into a buck 110. This time it's authentic Indian Arrowheads surrounded by Banded black and white stone with brass spacers. This knife also has a fresh new design on the bolsters, as well as on the spine and back of the blade. A serious one of a kind buck 110. Click the photo for more info, HD video of the knife and photos.

Posted by in Buck 110 news on Aug 03, 2014 .

This is my second attempt at Steampunk art on a buck 110 knife. This one has a black background and watch faces with movements, and a more complex but similar bolster design. Some people like this one, and some like the other variation. Interesting mix of opinions on this knife. Some like and Some don't like the watch faces in the knife. I guess its all a matter of opinion. I have plans to do yet more variations of the buck 110 watch parts knives. Please post your opinions in the comment section below.

Posted by in Buck 110 news on Jul 15, 2014 .

Steampunk has been really big in the pen industry for a long time. People also make cufflinks from watch parts. I have also seen watch parts used in jewelry. I decided to try adding them to knives and the results came back a big success. I received lots of positive feedback from the knife community and my first steampunk watch parts knife sold right away. This small success has encouraged me to try more new configurations adding watch parts to knives in particular the Buck 110. My first Steampunk knife has a bunch of small vintage watch parts spread out throughout a completely clear casted handle with matching cog, and gear bolsters in...

Posted by in Buck 110 news on Jun 29, 2014 . has made a deal with USA Knife Maker, "aka Knife Dogs" for some of those snazzy Kwick Thumb Studs. In the near future all custom buck 110's will come standard with Kwick thumb studs. Even if you never plan on using our custom buck knives, the thumb stud adds a nice visual touch to the knife, completing its custom look.

Posted by in Buck 110 Artists on Jun 18, 2014 .

I have been publicly customizing knives since 2011. I started out doing only inlay on knife handles, but then realized there was still something missing. Thats when I started trying to come up with added embelishments on pocket knives and fixed blades as well as other speciality items like letter openers and money clips. Anything with a flat surface is a target for my work. I also have felt that there isn't enough variety when it comes to handle materials for knives so I started making my own materials by casting objects into alumilite resin. I came up with stabilizing and casting sea urchin spines, Sharks teeth, and other interesting...

Posted by in Buck 110 news on Jun 18, 2014 . is Born in June of 2014. The guy that had the domain for the prior 7 years just sat on it. It was nice of him to give someone else an opportunity to launch a site on the most excellent domain name of Thank You ! - Making the ordinary extraordinary 2018