The Buck 110 Club is giving away a limited amount of free memberships to the Buck 110 Club!
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The Buck 110 Club is a place for all things Buck 110. When you join you gain countless benefits including but not limited to:
- First Access to any Buck 110 knives made by Garett Finney and In the past my email list got first access to all of my new buck 110's, but now members of the buck 110 club will have first choice.
- Special Addition Knives made only for members of the Buck 110 Club. a few times a year I will come out with 1 very special knife that won't be available to anyone but members of the club. I will make 1 prototype and then take orders from members. This will be a special knife at a special price.
- Discounts on all store merchandise and special promotional items including: regular and custom buck 110 knives, custom buck 110 sheaths, buck 110 accessories, knife making supplies and materials. Many things will be maid available for sale to members that aren't listed on the site for sale as well, such as other production knives including buck knives.
- Buck 110 Club members will also gain access to special gatherings online and physically. It may be that we may put on a buck 110 show or perform some workshops. Special access to forums and discussion groups and live chat.
- How to Videos - The buck 110 club will have an extensive video section of how to videos. You will learn how to remove the old handles on a buck 110, and prep the knife for new handles. You will learn how to install solid piece knife handles on a buck 110 with various handle materials. You will learn how to use a belt sander to shape your new handle. You will learn how to finish the knife and remove all scratches via the belt sander and buffer.
- Members will gain access to our own special handle materials that you absolutely cannot purchase anywhere else. We cast our own handle materials such as sea urchin spines, watch parts, sharks teeth, pine cones, fossils, fishing lures, and anything else creative you can think of. This means you will end up with amazing buck 110 knives of your own that no one else has. We will take suggesstions from members and be involved in active discussions about creative ideas for casting materials. Got an idea for a handle material? Lets make it. Other member benefits in this area include "How to cast your own knife handle materials". Casting materials is the ultimate in exotic knife handle materials.
- Buck 110 Club members will also gain access to other knives, and items for installing your own handles such as letter openers and other brands and types of knives. Fixed Blades, neck knives, etc.
- Knife Making support. Need some extra help with something? No problem, Just ask and we will give you that extra push you need to succeed. - Making the ordinary extraordinary 2018