2018 Buck 110 Design Contest

2018 Buck 110 Design Contest:

Winning Design to be made into a limited run. Winner Keeps the prototype.

Contest Rules:

1. You may either print a sheet and draw or download and design it on your computer. If you decide to use the computer to 

design your knife, “you must not modify the size of the image” All submissions must keep the knife size original.

2. The design contest includes the handle and bolsters area only. Adding designs on the blade is not permitted

3. Please be reasonable. Although anything is possible please understand that a lot of curves, shapes, and tiny pieces make

things extremely difficult. Many knife inlay artists use only diagonal lines for a reason. An elegant design

will almost always beat the complicated one.

4. Black and white only, please. The contest is only about the design and has nothing to do with materials.

Tips & Tricks:

- for better results research other buck 110 knife designs by myself and other artists to see what works best.

- If you own a buck 110 use it as a life-size reference to see how your design may possibly work on it.

Click here to download and or Print the Design Sheet.

Send your finished design to: contest at buck110.com