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Kwick Thumb Studs & Bars adding bling to our buck 110's

Posted by Garett 07/03/2018 1 Comment(s) Buck 110 News,

USA Knife Maker, "aka Knife Dogs" makes the "Kwick Thumb Stud" & "Kwick Thumb Bar". These products make a large folder like the Buck 110 a one-handed opener. The Kwick thumb Studs and Bars also gives a more finished look to the knife. They come in brass, black oxide, and stainless.


1 Comment(s)

Garett Finney:
13/03/2018, 08:17:12 PM,

These things really do add to the over all look of the finished customized Buck 110 knife. I need to remember to add them. I usually forget.

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